Tips on How to design home office on a budget

How to Design an Inspiring Home Office on a Budget

Setting up a temporary home office? Here’s where to start.

Dining table, sofa, a box (yes a friend is actually using the box their child’s drum kit came in) – none of them really make great workspaces. Many of us have been plunged into working from home whilst we social-distance from Covid-19. If we’re going to continue trying to produce our best work whilst juggling home schooling we need all the help we can get. Much easier said than done though with limited shops still offering delivery but here are some tips for designing a home office on a budget.

Right now our home office spaces need to be ultra flexible. A desk that can blend in with the living room, an alcove in the dining room to spare rooms hastily converted it’s important for your productivity to make the space work for you. 

Before you pay out for a complete new home office think on whether this space will be used by all the family, including children and homework. 

Choose furniture for the long run. You might need a desk today but when normality resumes and you begrudgingly head into the office – having got used to the working at home culture. A console style desk could later be used in a hallway or as a sideboard.  

Affordable Luxury

A well considered desk, a comfortable chair and a lamp are essential for successful working from home and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune. In an ideal world you would shop around to find the most ergonomically suitable chair. However if you’ve got to act fast there are plenty that are widely available and comfortable on the high street. There are lots of extremely stylish chairs that could double up as a side chair in your bedroom at a later date.


If you’re not sitting next to a window it is definitely worth getting a task light. Placing it behind your screen will prevent glare. 


Adding a rug underneath your work area will help create a zone which is a good idea if you’re sectioning of a space in a room. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to design an inspiring home office on a budget.

I’ve selected some affordable luxury items to help you achieve an inspiring office. All of the below are currently available to order online for delivery within a few days but the situation could change.


Burr Desk, Grey

Made from solid wood and available in a choice of colours from Wayfair. Under £210.

Floating Desk, White

Short on space? This desk folds up against the wall. Available from Wayfair for under £100.

Malm Desk, Brown

Simple – but this desk can look seriously luxurious once styled. Available from IKEA for £120.

Desk Chairs

Ink Blue Velvet Dining Chair

Elegant, curvaceous shaped dining chair in dark blue. Less than £100 from My Furniture.

Graphite Buttoned Office Chair

Silver studs and buttoned faux grey leather. Available for under £120 from Wayfair.

Black Quilted Dining Chair

Quilted circle design on the back. Available in four colours for less than £130 from My Furniture.

Silver Velvet Dining Chair

Scandinavian inspired dining chair that comes in a set of two for less than £85 from Wayfair.

Teal Stitched Office chair

Adjustable office chair available in five muted colours and a white frame. Less than £110 from IKEA.

Taupe Velvet Dining Chair

Mid-Century inspired dining chair with stylish steel handle. Available for £155 from My Furniture.