• Girl standing in vineyard at Tokara in Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Cape Winelands Travel Guide

    Our itinerary for the Cape Winelands was pretty packed with vineyards considering we had a 16mth old with us. Surprisingly, I think she enjoyed this part of the trip as much as us though! Many people choose to visit the Cape Winelands as a day trip from Cape Town. We stayed for two nights though and would have happily extended it. It’s a beautiful part of the country with plenty to see and do. If you’re deciding how many nights to do make it at least one.

  • Luxury Travel

    Seven Winter Sun Destinations

    Are you wondering which Winter sun destinations are both affordable and luxurious? Then read on for my definitive list. I do not actually mind Winter, it’s more the rain and long dark days that I hate. I’m equally happy on a ski resort surrounded by snow or on a sunny beach – although I’m favouring the latter more frequently. So technically Winter is from mid December to mid March in 2019/2020. In my mind though and based on the central heating being in overdrive I think November to the beginning of April is far more accurate.  The minimum temperature for sunbathing is 23c and upwards in my opinion (sunbathing at…

  • Africa

    Our Toddler Friendly South Africa Road Trip Itinerary

    How can you experience the best of South Africa with a toddler in tow? If you follow my ultimate itinerary in a little under three-weeks you’ll see the best the country has to offer. Although I’ve written this based on our experience of visiting South Africa with a toddler this 17 night itinerary could be enjoyed by anyone.

  • Future Plans for Source of Luxury 2020
    Health & Wellness,  Thoughts and Plans

    A muse about life in 2020

    By November 2019 I felt like I had run a marathon. When we returned from South Africa in early December I made some changes there and then to ensure I lived a better life. I had stopped taking care of myself, my acne flared up, I was constantly tired and suffering from insomnia, not exercising and the coffee intake was slowly creeping upwards. So, I made changes then rather than wait until January 1st.