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By November 2019 I felt like I had run a marathon. When we returned from South Africa in early December I made some changes there and then to ensure I lived a better life. I had stopped taking care of myself, my acne flared up, I was constantly tired and suffering from insomnia, not exercising and the coffee intake was slowly creeping upwards. So, I made changes then rather than wait until January 1st. 


Since I stopped breastfeeding Aurelia I’ve been battling with eczema on my knees and ankles (isn’t it weird how hormones and immune systems work). I’m still not totally sure if there’s a link to breastfeeding and eczema  but I’ve found that swimming, along with an increased dose of Omega 3 and Evening Primrose Oil help keep it under control. 

Vitamins and supplements play an important role in my daily routine because I’m aware of the effects when they’re out of sync. Please speak to a healthcare professional to ensure you are supplementing with the right vitamins before you start taking anything. 

I’m also introducing more self care. Simple changes such as an at home peel and mask and an intensive moisturising session twice a week. I use The Ordinary AHA and BHA Peel followed by Origins Masks – Charcoal on the problem areas and Original on everything else. Both are really helping my skin as well as helping me unwind before bedtime. Finishing off with the Origins Avocado Mask is the ultimate treat. I’ve been able to change to a Bobby Brown’s Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation since starting and I’m overjoyed that my acne scars are fading. 

In November a friend and I started meeting at the pool. Although there’s not a great deal of swimming, relaxing in the spa area on a Monday evening and catching up really helps the mind and body relax. 


Apart from the everyday buggy pushing I haven’t worked out properly in months. I don’t remember how many but lets say 4 and that’s being generous. But, with Aurelia starting nursery 3 mornings a week I’ve made a plan to drop her and go straight there and workout before I turn my laptop on, do the washing or generally get distracted with something at home. I’m starting back with spin, yoga and pilates. And, if I don’t manage to get it all done at the gym, I’ll make sure that I do a yoga session with Boho Beautiful in the evening once Aurelia is in bed. 

The morning tea and coffee are gone and I’m back on fresh lemon and hot water that I got started on with the Louise Parker programme. I love the inner cleansed feeling that you get from it. It’s odd how it makes tea feel dirty. The coffee is still there but 1 a day at 11am or insomnia is a nightmare. It’s hard to believe that when I lived in Italy I would frequently drink espresso at 10pm and sleep fine. 

It seems like everyone is joining in some veganuary effort this year and I commend them for it. We started a plant based diet when we got back from South Africa. Partly because the amount of meat we consumed there was insane but also because I wanted to see if we had more energy and well-being improved. We paused for Christmas as the idea of a nut roast just didn’t cut it but resumed at  the start of January. We have taken a flexible approach and if we really want meat we will but by changing for pulses and lentils we’re less tired and energy levels are increasing. More veg is definitely on the menu going forwards. 


Since the option to return to my job in Marketing after maternity leave was taken from me I’ve been battling with a mixture of toxic feelings which are not helpful in any way. I thrive from progression and feeling like I’m working towards something, but, since maternity leave I feel I’ve stagnated. 

To help get me back on track I bought an actual 2020 planner to map out my day. There’s set activities such as gym and swim time and dedicated Aurelia time so I don’t have to try and do both at the same time. Pre-booked activities for myself such as meditation and yoga so I don’t do my usual thing and skip them when life gets too busy.

To help with the stagnation my current reading material is Everything is Figureoutable. In the evenings I write in my new mindfulness journal from Wilko (they have a really great range of mindful things at the moment).

I work more productively with routine and a plan. When you go to work everyday you get this naturally and your day is much more structured. But my job doesn’t have a routine so by creating structure and planning I feel like I’m moving forward. I still plan the big things out digitally but for the light bulb moments that come at midnight I can create a space in my brain. 
So this year there will be books, routines and more productivity. 


Professionally I feel that I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I’m in the lucky position where I get to spend time being Mum and Wife but I need more – back to the progression feeling again. 

I want to spend time growing different areas of  sourceofluxury.com. Talking about trips, hotels, restaurants that don’t compromise on luxury for parents and children. They’ll be holidays in April, Italy or somewhere in Europe in July and somewhere long haul at the end of the year as well as weekend getaways. 

But also more on interiors. I’ve been involved with interiors for so long both as interior designer, conjuring up paint colours for Fired Earth and with my own retail business – which closed a few years back. Interiors are my passion and I’m investigating ways to spend more time doing it. 

And then there’s nutrition. Over the 3 years it took for Aurelia to arrive I became more and more interested in nutrition. Be it the link between nutrition and fertility or nutrition as a medicine I’m fascinated by how it affects the body. The plant based diet that we’ve adopted at home is fuelling this fascination. I’m not sure totally how to use this to help others but it’s something I’m keen to explore. 

But with all these new plans I actually intend to have more time away from work and spending it with the people I love. Christmas reminded me how lucky I am to have so many people around me.

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